Social Media Marketing

Marketing and advertising on social networks have become an essential part of the marketing process of many companies and organizations. Social media marketing is an excellent platform for business owners to expose their product or service to a very broad segment of people.
A large part of business owners have realized the huge potential that social networks have to offer and today more and more professionals want to enter the world of social networks and try to reach as many people as possible and define their exposure and leads.
More and more people are on social networks, and in order to achieve quality results in the various campaigns, knowledge and understanding of the various systems is needed.
In our company we will help your business to be promoted in a quality way in the various chains.

What do we provide our customers with social media promotion?

Logo precise targeting target audience

Brand Disclosure

We'll help you promote your business and expose it to as many potential customers as possible with tailored creative and guaranteed results

Sales growth

Our team will use advanced tools and systems to create social media activity that will help and increase your sales

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Performance analysis

Our team will regularly research and analyze the performance of a social media campaign for improvement and efficiency

Social media advertising options

Advertising on Facebook

Facebook is the largest and most popular social network in the world, more than 6 million Israelis use the large social network every day and interact with it.
Facebook advertising is one of the largest in the world, together with Google, and provides additional value to advertisers and business owners to reach a wider and more accurate target audience.
Facebook allows advertisers and business owners to accurately target the target audience of our campaign, which makes us more accurate in selling our product or service only to a target audience that we know for sure can become our lead and then purchase from us.
We at the company will execute a precise marketing strategy for you on Facebook, choose a suitable target audience and follow step by step throughout the campaign and make improvements to maximize the results of the campaign.

Canva Logo Facebook Page

Manage Facebook Pages

More and more companies and organizations are realizing the power and importance Facebook has to offer.
Facebook allows us to interact with our customers almost daily, from posts to ads and images.
One of the most important things for a business is to offer a response and impression to their customers and there is no better way than through a well-managed and maintained Facebook page.
On your company's Facebook page, this is the place to post about your product, value about your business, respond to visitors' criticism and even challenge them in various activities.
A company that gives its customers a direct connection builds a community around it that follows and takes an interest in the business and eventually also purchases its products and services.

Publish and manage Instagram Pages

One of the most popular social networks in the world is Instagram, which also belongs to Facebook. The network is especially popular among young audiences and also attracts celebrities, athletes and many trading companies.
Instagram campaigns are primarily characterized by a visual form containing images and videos and their story platform.
Instagram's advertising system works through Facebook's advertising system, so you can combine your combined campaigns across both networks, which will result in more traffic and exposure to your business.

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Waze logo

Advertising on Waze

That's right, advertising on Waze. In recent years, the popular navigation app Waze has gained a lot of exposure due to its ease of use, availability and the fact that it is completely free.
Waze is currently used by millions of users around the world who are exposed to it on a daily basis, whether it's on the drive home, to work, to a restaurant, to the airport or wherever the software can navigate us.
So how does advertising get in here?
With the help of a new initiative that the company has made, it is now possible to advertise your business on Waze in a precise location on the map, really on the map.
Today, drivers and passengers in vehicles will be able to be exposed to your business located in the area they are traveling or navigating, the identification of the business can be seen by the driver or rider through the business logo that will appear on the map, through advertising banners that will appear on the map and through a Waze "pin" to make sure that potential customers will be aware and exposed to your business even though they did not explicitly search for it in the software.
Every time a potential driver is near your business, Waze will pop up your business or ad.

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