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Every day millions of people around the world move from place to place with the help of their personal car, whether it is for a work meeting, a restaurant with friends or just some arrangement, almost everywhere we start our car and drive. So today we can say with full confidence that almost no one travels without us running the best navigation app in the world "Waze".
So recently Waze decided to take an unprecedented step and decided to open its popular app for targeted and super-quality advertising, the types of service whose types of service we will explain below.
Our team researched the subject and Waze's new advertising system and is happy to announce that this is an excellent, innovative, high-quality and focused advertising tool that will help us users find the "relevant" business for us, and you advertisers in a tool that can leverage your business logins and revenue thanks to using the software.
Our team will be happy to accompany you step by step in using Waze's innovative advertising system, set up a campaign for you and help your business get more customers and exposure.

Why you should advertise with us through Waze

Increase in the number of customers

Now is your time to increase by 27% (on average) the number of customers who will navigate your business

Tracking and performance measurement

Our team will use advanced tools and systems to measure performance, tracking and analytics to improve the effectiveness of your Waze campaign

Instant results

As soon as you run your campaign, your ads will appear to the relevant target audience or businesses looking to navigate to your business

Waze ad types

Pin ad

A pin ad is an ad that informs drivers that your business is nearby, and indicates the exact location of your business on Waze maps. The pins display important information for your business such as address, opening hours, phone number and special offers.

GIF of Waze2 map
GIF of Waze2 map

Takeover Ad

A Takeover ad is an ad that encourages drivers to navigate to a specific place where the vehicle stops for 3 seconds or more, they will show your business details and special offers.

Arrow ad

An ad that points to your business with an arrow when your business is nearby, which helps improve customers' ability to associate a given location with your brand

GIF of Waze2 map

Search ad

Search ads help you stand out on a busy road, prioritizing your business in search results. With search-type ads, you'll appear at the top of the list when drivers search for your business or category, such as restaurants, 

We are certified in Waze campaign management

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