Every day millions of people search Google for services, information, products or anything they need an answer to, displaying ads helps these businesses get a great deal of exposure to potential customers by running a professional and comprehensive campaign and displaying the business's ads in Google search results.
Managing a sponsored campaign on Google requires extensive knowledge and experience, knowledge of budget management and knowledge of Google's systems in order to maximize the results of the campaign.
Here at the company we will build for you the construction of a strategic plan consisting of creating campaigns tailored to any purpose.
Increasing leads/phones/visits/and exposure is part of our DNA.
Our company is Google Partnercertified which attests that our agency has demonstrated skill and expertise in managing Google campaigns, managing large budgets, and bringing about a significant improvement in the execution and exposure of businesses' revenue.

What do we provide our clients with running a sponsored campaign on Google?

Logo precise targeting target audience

Precise targeting of your target audience

Your ads will only appear to the relevant target audience who are looking for or need your service.

Track and measure campaign performance

Optimal, professional and thorough analysis of your campaign in order to maximize your Google advertising budget that will generate more traffic for your business.

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Instant results

Advertising and running sponsored campaigns on Google are immediately noticeable and inquiries from potential customers to the business are not late in coming, the change of our business starts on the same day!

Manage Google PPC campaigns with guaranteed results in Israel

Managing appointed campaigns on Google is considered an accessible field for anyone who wants to advertise his business on Google advertising systems (Google Ads) and get exposure from surfers who want to find exactly what they are looking for, sounds simple? So it's not, precisely because the market on Google Ads is large and anyone can advertise there is a need for an experienced, stable and veteran company that will yield your business much better performance and results, a quality campaign and excellent performance that will make you run campaigns at low costs and a better return on investment for your campaign.

Some of the advertising options that Google offers

Google advertising on the search network

When surfers search Google for a particular product or service, Google allows advertisers to display ads (ads) only for the value that the surfer is looking for and that is needed. Google will not charge money for displaying the ads or exposing them on the search network, but will charge only by clicking on the sponsored ad – in professional language, this action is called PPC-pay per click.
This advertising option is great for business owners who want to present their product/service to potential surfers whose click on the ad will eventually turn into a lead and then a purchase.

Google Advertising Remarketing

A Google remarketing campaign is a campaign that allows us to track surfers who have previously made purchases/interacted with the business we are promoting.
This advertising option will help us "track" surfers who have previously interacted with us or made a purchase and will help us show them ads (banners) of the business across the web so that they will return to purchase from us in the future as well.

Google Shopping logo

Managing an advertising campaign on Google shopping

A Google Shopping campaign is a campaign which gives an advertising opportunity for e-commerce sites to post messages of a particular product on the Google search network and the search results will most often contain an image of the product, its brand and price.
The advantage of this campaign is first of all that it is still a result on the Google search network, which gives value to the search that the surfer is looking for.
Another advantage is that it always appears at the top of the results, which guarantees us quality exposures.
And the last advantage is that the campaign lets the surfer see the product and thus make him know whether he really needs the product or not before clicking on us.


Google advertising on the Display Network

Display campaign management is another way for advertisers to reach more potential customers by placing ads as banners across the web and on top websites.
The system works according to segmentation of interests, geographical location, gender and more...
The system will automatically adjust itself according to the surfer's browsing habits and according to the site he is browsing from.
Managing a display campaign is a great opportunity to increase your business's exposure outside of Google Search and increase brand awareness across the web.

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